Gucci Inspired Handbag

    Happy Monday Blossoms! As the day is coming to end here is a positive reminder:


    Whatever happened today good or bad embrace it and move forward. 

    Are you ready to take on a brand new week? For some Monday’s can be a little draining and for others, it can be a fresh start to something you would like to accomplish. How ever you feel about Monday or any other day never forget to give it a hell yeah, badass, booty shakin’ good vibe. 

    Image Source: Pinterest

    When I stepped outside today in the hallway I found a package with my name on it (best feeling ever). I grabbed it, ran back in the house, and opened it. Inside was this beautiful bag I ordered.

    Here is the story behind this bag… Fashion Drug designed this bag using inspiration from Gucci.

    I have been having my eye on a Gucci handbag, but I cannot bring myself to spending $1,000+ on a handbag especially when you have adult responsibilities. Therefore I came across Fashion Drug and when I saw this color I knew I needed to add it to my handbag collection. Nothing haunts us like the things we do not buy, am I right ladies?

    The packaging is definitely a 10/10 in my book. It came inside a box and within the box was this shopping tote. I love tote bags they can be used for many things.

    Another reason why I wanted this handbag, is the color. I recently purchased New Balance Sneakers in the same color.

    A lot of people are so caught up with keeping up with the Joneses, well in our generation KUWTK. They want the latest Jordan’s etc. This is why I love New Balance Sneakers. They are so under-rated. I admire how unique each pair is, well some. There are a few I would not consider buying, but everyone has different taste. The colors and designs they come in; is what always catches my eye. Check them out for yourself on this website here.

    I cannot wait for Fall to style both together 🙂

    Remember tackle this week with nothing but positive vibes only.

    PS: check out Fashion Drug (here), they have different designer inspo handbags.


    Inspo Handbag: Gucci Inspired (here)

    Shoes: New Balance 501 (here)

    Gucci Handbag: Shoulder Handbag (here)

    Overall Dress with Patches

    Hello Blossoms! How’s your week going? It’s almost Friday, yay!

    This Overall Dress with Patches has been hanging on my “new item” clothing rack for a while now and I decided to share it with you.

    My close family and friends always browse my rack and ask me “what would you wear with this?”

    Therefore I decided to share a street style look… maybe I’ll share a different way to style this.

    PS: My face was not cooperating with me today. Maybe because I took these photos myself, I did not have a hype man lol.

    When I saw this, it was on display with an orange v-neck t-shirt. I loved the way it looked together and I never buy things together that are on display. I should’ve stuck to my guns… when I got home and tried on the outfit together the top did not blend at all. Sooo I went with the basic white top.

    The back of this is plain which I love because there are no distractions.

    What I love about overalls is being able to unbuckle one of the straps because it gives it more flavor.

    I remember back in the day when I would wear overalls I would have one strap unbuckled.

    As I went with a street style look I wanted to pair sneakers with this look.

    I have many different sneakers, but I decided to wear my Blue Nike Presto’s to pull out the blue patch on the overalls.

    Let me know what you think of this look in the comments below! Do you want to see a different way to style the overalls, maybe with heels?


    Shop This Look 

    Realness Patch Over Dress, here

    Basic White T, here.

    Nike Prestos, here

    July 21, 2017

    Sunday Fun Day – Newport RI

    Hello Blossoms, Happy Monday! I hope everyone enjoyed their Sunday as much I did.

    The weather was perfect especially with the rain we had all week.

    Thomas and I took a day trip to Newport RI with his family. 

    We took a ferry from Providence to Newport. It was only $20.00 round trip.

    We departed from Providence @12:30pm and arrived to Newport @1:30pm.

    The ferry ride was amazing. The breeze from the ocean was incredible.

    Thomas’ twin sister McKenna and his nephew Aiden.

    T’s cousin Scott

    When we arrived to Newport we grabbed lunch at Brick Alley Pub & Restaurant.

    I ordered a Veggie Burger and to be honest it was not great.

    After lunch I did some shopping. I scored at Express and Francesca’s.


    Embroidered Strap Cross Body Bag, found HERE. I loveeeee this bag! The guitar straps are so in and when I saw the embroidered floral print I knew it wanted it.

    Slim Fit Long Sleeve Print Portofino Shirt, found HERE. How nice is this top? I am going to tuck this top into classic jean shorts.

    Floral Print High Neck Blouse, found HERE. This blouse is very light weight and has bell sleeve’s which I love. 

     Express One Eleven Floral Print Lace Trim Cami, found HEREThis is a lounge cami, but I am going to spice it up for a night out.


    Chinese Laundry Posh Sandal, found HERE. LADIES, these sandals are beautiful.

    Before heading back to our ferry I walked to different ice cream spots looking for dairy free ice cream. 

    I found an awesome Raspberry flavor at Kilwin’s.

    I had such a great day. Everything was amazing. Forever grateful for days like I had.







    Celebrating 24 Years of Life

    HELLO BLOSSOMS! Welcome back to the new and improved Roses and Champagne! 

    We have a new layout here, when you can check it out on the computer 🙂

    Thank you CopyxDesign for taking the time and meeting all of my needs.

    CopyxDesign is a full-service creative agency offering web design, brand identity and development, online copywriting services, social media, design collateral, and marketing materials.

    I am on a new high lately, positive vibes are flowing through me. Which is a great way for me to start off the 24th year of my life!

    Let’s begin by closing out 23 and being thankful for all that came in. I am beyond grateful for it all. SO MUCH GROWTH this past year. SO MUCH more self love! If I could take one thing from 23 I’ve learned to think before you speak. I know this is something many people do, but I always just blurt out what I am thinking. I know there is nothing wrong with that, but there are ways to say certain things and I really want to make sure going into 24 I continue to practice this because honestly it is very important. There were times I was going to say something, but something interrupted me (like a phone call). When I was being interrupted I realized that I was being stopped by something that did not need to be said. I will continue to practice this!


    Now lets welcome 24 with a great big hug and kiss. I AM 24 today (06-30-17). 

    I am so excited for this year. There are so many new things that are going to happen this year I feel it in me. 

    My journey has been such a great a roller coaster. From the highs to lows yet still enjoying all of it. 

    Kathy, thank you for taking time out of your day and capturing these moments for me. Much appreciated and loved!

    Happy Birthday to Me! 

    June 30, 2017


    What is happiness to you? What makes you happy? I truly believe that everyone wants to be happy, but a lot of people do not know how to find happiness. You have to be happy with yourself to be happy with others and other living things. Being happy does not start with someone else making you feel good. If that person was to be removed from your journey; would you be able to be happy? 

    Start a challenge and find something new every week that makes you happy. It can be reading a book, going for a walk/run, hanging out with friends, taking on a new class. What ever it is find something that speaks to your soul. There is so much out there so do not feel like you are stuck. All it takes is putting one foot forward.

    Another way to become happy is telling yourself you are happy because your mind is so powerful. The thoughts you give yourself will manifest. Such as if you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and tell yourself that you are happy; you will be happy. If you tell yourself that you will have a wonderful day, you will. BUT you have to truly believe in it. You cannot just say it and expect it to happen you have to believe it.

    When you find your happiness do not stop at it, keep going. Keep exploring your happiness.

    “Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.” 





    June 22, 2017

    Denim Heels

    Hello Blossoms, welcome back! As some of you may have seen on my Snapchat I have received a couple packages this week 🙂

    Best feeling ever coming home to new things, it is like waking up Christmas Morning. 

    Today I am sharing one of my newest obsessions, Denim Heels. 

    Denim has been on Trend lately and when I saw these I legit gasped. I immediately put them in my shopping cart. 

    All the different details on these just made me fall in love. The trendy denim and blocked heel. The light color blue, the frays, and the distress. LIKE COME ON how could these not end up in your shopping cart?

    Ladies, these can be found at (direct link here). Okay maybe denim is not your thing, but guess what… They come in 2 other colors – beige and black. 

    If you’re looking for a denim heel, but this is not your style here are other options. 

    Denim with Clear can be found (here). 

    Strappy Denim Fringed can be found (here)

    Stayed tuned for my next post on what I wore with them. 

    If you enjoyed this post, I’d be very thankful if you would leave a comment or share with your friends. Until next time.

    May 5, 2017

    One Shirt, Three Different Ways

    Hello loves, Happy Spring! How amazing has the weather been?! Why does Winter always feel so dragged out? Whatever, Springs here. Time to start watching the rebirth of it all. Time to bring out the floral clothing and opened toe shoes 🙂 

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    I love to buy clothing items that are versatile, whether you dress it up or dress it down. What is the point of buying something that you can only wear once? Lol, but who am I kidding I definitely own statement pieces that I can only wear twice.

    I wanted to share with you how to wear One Shirt, Three Different Ways. From Business, to Casual, and a Night-out. 

    B u s i n e s s 

    First, I went with a Business look. I wanted to show the working women a casual work look. I paired the top with black dress pants, a black blazer, and pink slides. You can wear almost any shoes with this look. 

    C a s u a l 

    Second, I wanted to share a way to dress the shirt down a little bit and go for the casual look. Grabbing lunch with your girlfriends on the weekend? This would be a good go to look. I paired the top with light wash Levi jeans, (I seriously forgot how comfortable these were as I haven’t worn them in a while) and a Navy blue coat as a cover up, also worn with pink slides. 

    N i g h t o u t 

    Third, I styled the top for a simple night-out look, but very eye catching with pops of pink. I simply tucked the top into a black pencil skirt and threw on my pink Vince Camuto Heels, found (here). These have a very small heel and are easy to walk in. 

    Thank you for reading. 

    May 5, 2017

    Our Valentine’s Day

    Hello loves, welcome back to my blog! I hope everyone enjoyed their l o v e day!   

    | | | | | | | | 

    Tuesday, February 14, 2017 @5pm he picked me up from work and we headed to the hotel room he got for us. When I walked into the room my eyes lit up! Everything was placed perfectly.  

    I did not even have my jacket off and Thomas wanted me to open my gifts. I was so excited I immediately opened them. 

    After crying because of my card and thanking T with a kiss we changed and headed down to the pool with glasses of Rosé.



    After swaying around in the pool we headed up stairs to shower and got ready for dinner. 

    Even the bathroom was decorated!



    OUTFIT DETAILS Top: Bottoms: Forever21 Shoes: Calvin Klein Bag: Kate Spade

    We went to dinner at Bocado’s , one of my favorite places to eat. 


    After talking & laughing over dinner & drinks we headed back to our hotel.

    I then gave Thomas his gifts. 


    “I love you with my 5 Senses” 

    For his sense of S i g h t: Black Lingerie 

    For his sense of T o u c h: Body Oil (hint hint)  

    For his sense of S m e l l: Burberry Cologne 

    For his sense of T a s t e: A mason jar filled with his favorite sour candies 

    For his sense of S o u n d: PS4 Gaming Headphones 

    Also, in the bag of his sense of Sight I added a game called Sexy Truth or Dare


    This game was sooo much fun & spiced up our night! 

    The lingerie set came with an eye mask which I L O V E D! 


    Our love day then came to an end. 

    | I would like to thank Thomas for putting his time, effort, creativity, and love into this special day. He made me feel like the only girl in the world. He spoiled me, like always! |


    Alina Baraz Concert

    On Monday, March 20, 2017 Thomas took me to see Alina Baraz live. Alina is one of my favorite singers right now. Her words cut me deep. I was listening to Pandora one day and came across one of her songs, I immediately looked her up and fell in love with her entire Urban Flora Album

     I got out of work early to be ready on time. T wanted to leave @3pm, we left @4:15pm. I was being a Drama Queen (per usual) and wasn’t finding the right outfit. I then just went with something comfortable and simple. 

    We arrived into the city around 5:15pm and had dinner at The Sinclair which was very convenient as Alina was performing there.

    The doors opened @7pm

    A DJ IAMNOBODI opened up for her. HE WAS AMAZING. His energy was very high. He played new to old music and old souls like me love the old school vibes. So S|O to him!

    ALINA then came on stage! She was incredible. She kept thanking us for the vibe, but she was the one setting the vibe. I looked around the venue and EVERYONE was having such a great time. 

    After Alina was done b l e s s i n g the stage and  B o s t o n with her presence it was time to go! Before we headed out I grabbed her Album, but in record form.


    This was my 4th concert and I am so happy I went and watched her beautiful smile and personality shine bright. 

    May 5, 2017

    At Home Valentine’s Day

    As Valentine’s Day lands on a Tuesday this year it is very hard for most to celebrate the full day with your loved one(s) as many of us are working, in school, or have a very busy schedule. But… like one of my very good friends told me you can celebrate any day, which is very true. 

    I have decided to come up with a few ideas to celebrate at home you can even use these ideas as “last minute” ideas. 


    Start off with a sweet breakfast. There are many different breakfast ideas you could do. I did the following 2 options. 

    Option #1: Pancakes 

    Whether you shape the pancakes into hearts, X’s & O’s, add the extra touch. 

    Option #2: Sweetheart Cinnamon Rolls 

    I was inspired by this idea from Pinterest. It is very simple and easy. If you do not have a lot of time on your hands you can make this work. 

    I used the Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls and unrolled them into hearts and X’s & O’s.

    Do not forget your drink options

    You can do a Mimosa (different flavors), coffee (hot or iced), tea, milk, whatever floats your boat.


    Like I previously stated Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday and you may not be with your loved one(s) to celebrate, but that is okay. You can do many things to show your loved one you care and loving them from a distance. Pack a lunch (try to do it the night before). Make a simple sandwich and cut the bread as heart shaped, add rose shaped strawberries on the side, and write a love note. 

    IMAGE: Pinterest

    If you are able to escape your schedule, meet up and go somewhere for lunch. 

    Evening/Dinner/Dessert & Unwind 

    To have your evening go as relaxing as you hoped you will have to plan in advance. Choose the dinner you wish to cook – do something that takes time and try your best to prep in advance the night before so you can enjoy time with your loved one over cutting veggies and whatnot in the kitchen☺. Make your dish tasteful! This night also calls for your nice dishes and table settings. 

    Allow yourself to digest and enjoy some tasteful sweets. I made sugar cookies and mixed the dough in my Ninja Blender works wonders. 



    When your night is coming to an end unwind however you like and just enjoy each other’s company. Drink your favorite drink, play some soothing music, dance the night away. Relax your mind, body, and soul. And mostly importantly, love one another!

    P.s. ladies if your looking for a Valentine’s Day Makeup Look, check out Kimberly’s Flirty Makeup Look HERE

    May 5, 2017