5 Things to Quit Right Now

I was Pinning on Pinterest as I came across this post and I thought wow, this is something I want to share. 

1. Stop Trying to Please Everyone. 

Please understand that everyone around you is not going to pleased by the things you say, you do, or even the way you act AND that is OKAY. You are not here to please them are you only here to please y o u. Do not be offended if someone is not pleased. Brush it off your shoulder, move on, & do not dwell on it. 

2. Stop Fearing Change. 

I know almost everyone struggles with this. WHY? Because we were programmed for things to be a certain way! For things to happen at certain stages in our lives. BUT everything flows at it’s own pace. If you know deep down inside something in your life needs to change, CHANGE IT. Do not allow anything or anyone to stop you. If you want a new job, change jobs. If you want to move, change locations. Do not be afraid of the unknown. Yes, not knowing can be scary at times. What is scarier? The beautiful unknown change or staying in the same situation forever miserable? You decide! 

3. Stop Living in the Past. 

I can go on for hours about living in the past. I’ve been there, I’ve done that, and I will not go back. I had such hardships with this. If you are living in the past you cannot move forward, you cannot be in the NOW. The past is behind you; stop looking back, stop turning around. Pick yourself up and go. Go live your life with the new things coming your way. If you want to keep living in the past I can tell you this, you will not grow. You will not blossom into the person you know who you can be. 

4. Stop Putting Yourself Down. 

When you put yourself down you are hurting yourself more than you know. Yes you are not physically hurting yourself, but you are killing yourself inside. How you feel in the inside will show on the outside. When you put yourself down you cannot be happy. Like I said before in my Self Love Post (here), Self Love is the KEY to Happiness. Start telling yourself you are worthy; because you my dear are! 

5. Stop Overthinking. 

HAHA I am literally laughing as I am thinking about this because I am an over-thinker. When I find myself overthinking it stresses me out where I completely shut down. When you find yourself over-thinking try this (I started to do this and helps a lot): Look at the big picture. What are you over thinking about? Name your top big 3 items, write them down. Now branch off of them. Why is it an issue? What caused this issue? And how can you fix this issue? Now that you have that, simply fix the issue. That being said stop overthinking what ever it is your thinking about, break it down, attack it, and move on.

With all that I have shared please keep in mind to allow all of things to flow. Don’t rush it, do not try to skip ahead. Everything happens for a reason no matter what. If you try to skip ahead and you’re not ready the U-niverse will just kick ya back. Have you ever fallen down? I am sure you have. Want to know why? Because you were not ready. Fall down seven times, stand up eight. But do not give up. Just remember your time will come. 

May 3, 2017
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