Alina Baraz Concert

On Monday, March 20, 2017 Thomas took me to see Alina Baraz live. Alina is one of my favorite singers right now. Her words cut me deep. I was listening to Pandora one day and came across one of her songs, I immediately looked her up and fell in love with her entire Urban Flora Album

 I got out of work early to be ready on time. T wanted to leave @3pm, we left @4:15pm. I was being a Drama Queen (per usual) and wasn’t finding the right outfit. I then just went with something comfortable and simple. 

We arrived into the city around 5:15pm and had dinner at The Sinclair which was very convenient as Alina was performing there.

The doors opened @7pm

A DJ IAMNOBODI opened up for her. HE WAS AMAZING. His energy was very high. He played new to old music and old souls like me love the old school vibes. So S|O to him!

ALINA then came on stage! She was incredible. She kept thanking us for the vibe, but she was the one setting the vibe. I looked around the venue and EVERYONE was having such a great time. 

After Alina was done b l e s s i n g the stage and  B o s t o n with her presence it was time to go! Before we headed out I grabbed her Album, but in record form.


This was my 4th concert and I am so happy I went and watched her beautiful smile and personality shine bright. 

May 5, 2017
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