At Home Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day lands on a Tuesday this year it is very hard for most to celebrate the full day with your loved one(s) as many of us are working, in school, or have a very busy schedule. But… like one of my very good friends told me you can celebrate any day, which is very true. 

I have decided to come up with a few ideas to celebrate at home you can even use these ideas as “last minute” ideas. 


Start off with a sweet breakfast. There are many different breakfast ideas you could do. I did the following 2 options. 

Option #1: Pancakes 

Whether you shape the pancakes into hearts, X’s & O’s, add the extra touch. 

Option #2: Sweetheart Cinnamon Rolls 

I was inspired by this idea from Pinterest. It is very simple and easy. If you do not have a lot of time on your hands you can make this work. 

I used the Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls and unrolled them into hearts and X’s & O’s.

Do not forget your drink options

You can do a Mimosa (different flavors), coffee (hot or iced), tea, milk, whatever floats your boat.


Like I previously stated Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday and you may not be with your loved one(s) to celebrate, but that is okay. You can do many things to show your loved one you care and loving them from a distance. Pack a lunch (try to do it the night before). Make a simple sandwich and cut the bread as heart shaped, add rose shaped strawberries on the side, and write a love note. 

IMAGE: Pinterest

If you are able to escape your schedule, meet up and go somewhere for lunch. 

Evening/Dinner/Dessert & Unwind 

To have your evening go as relaxing as you hoped you will have to plan in advance. Choose the dinner you wish to cook – do something that takes time and try your best to prep in advance the night before so you can enjoy time with your loved one over cutting veggies and whatnot in the kitchen☺. Make your dish tasteful! This night also calls for your nice dishes and table settings. 

Allow yourself to digest and enjoy some tasteful sweets. I made sugar cookies and mixed the dough in my Ninja Blender works wonders. 



When your night is coming to an end unwind however you like and just enjoy each other’s company. Drink your favorite drink, play some soothing music, dance the night away. Relax your mind, body, and soul. And mostly importantly, love one another!

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May 5, 2017
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