Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

What a better way to start off the new year with a vacation! This trip came at the most perfect time. 

After a long morning of traveling we landed in Los Cabos, Thursday 01/05/2017 about 4pm (6pm BOS time). We traveled with my Mom (Heather), her Fiancé  (Richard aka Shi’Ron), my Grammy (Darlene), and our family friend Penny. 

As we waited for my aunt Taylor’s flight to land and my grandmother to arrive with our rental car we grabbed an outdoor table outside of the airport and enjoyed a fresh Corona with chips and guacamole.

My Mom and her Fiancé

This was my moms first trip like ever! I think I had more joy inside of me than she did lol. 

This was her first time flying! It is very interesting watching someone experience their first time after you recently first flew. She sat directly behind me; I kept checking on her to make sure she was okay (she doesn’t do well with motion sickness and heights).


Grammy arrived with the rental car and it was time to head to our destination. Where we stayed it was about 30-45 mins away from the airport. 

We stayed at the Buena Vida villa in Cabo San Lucas, which is a house located inside of the PedregalIf you saw the snapchat stories I posted you know how BEAUTIFUL it is, but it is very hard to visualize it through photos. You have to physically be there to capture the breathtaking views. 


When we arrived we were greeted by more family members. My Uncle Danny|Aunt Debbie, Uncle Dave, Uncle Michael|Aunt Michelle and their two children Alexander & Nicholas. We were also introduced to the house staff and greeted with a Corona and water. When we first walked in I was immediately drawn to the view! Every room faced the ocean.  

After taking in the AMAZING view, we were then shown to our rooms. Our room wasn’t even a room it was an apartment!! We had two entrances. One opening out into the main hallway. The second one was walking out to the beautiful view. 

I am very into interior decor I loved the decor inside the entire house. Below you will see some photos of our room. 

After settling into our room we all gathered at the dining room table for dinner.

Thomas then changed into his swim wear and immediately went for a swim in the infinity pool. The temperature of the pool was sooooo refreshing! I sat on the edge of the hot tub and admired the pool with a margarita in my hand.

After hanging out by the pool and hot tub; T and I decided to head down to the lower level balcony to end our night enjoying our margaritas. 

As morning approached us we headed upstairs to enjoy breakfast at the table.

Breakfast was served like this every morning.

We wrapped up breakfast and we all changed into swim wear. We had about 1 hr in the house as we were heading to ME CABO for the day.

When I saw my mom in her black one piece, jean shorts, and sun glasses I had to tell her she looked bad and boujie.

Me Cabo is a five-star hotel which was about 10 mins away from where we were staying. We had 2 cabanas & 5 chairs by the pool side. Me Cabo is a very short walk to the marina.  The staff was very friendly and stayed on top of our needs. We spent most of our day there and the staff came over with cold towels to cool us down. 


Lunch Time

Summer Salad

T enjoyed some tacos

Next time I am in Cabo I will return to Me Cabo to check out the night time events!

After taking in the sun and the awesome atmosphere at Me Cabo we headed back to our house to enjoy the tasteful dinner the chef had prepared for us @8:30pm. Before dinner was ready my mom enjoyed her first Margarita. My mom is not a drinker. She and I sat in the pool and looked out into the ocean admiring the view and speaking on how amazing the trip has been for us so far. 

After dinner Thomas and I showered, changed into something comfortable, and sat by the fire. 

The next day we stayed at the house, soaked up more sun, and splashed around in the pool as we had a dinner boat cruise scheduled that night. 


“The arch of Cabo San Lucas, is a distinctive rock formation at the southern tip of Cabo San Lucas, which is itself the extreme southern end of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. The arch is locally known as El Arco in the town of Cabo San Lucas.”

After watching the sun set and seeing the beautiful arch we headed down stairs for dinner and drinks. We then ended back upstairs for more drinks and danced to the live band. 

The next morning, we hung out with my little cousin in the “lounging room” as breakfast was being prepared and then we went swimming.

As the day was moving along T and I got hungry and decided to go into town for some lunch and did a little shopping. 

We ate at Dos Mares Marina Grill Bar


I ordered the beef tacos and to be completely honest I was not impressed. As soon as our food came the bees swarm in they were everywhere. We got up, paid, and left.


Later that day/night the rest of the family went for dinner, but T and I decided to hang out at the house and enjoyed some time alone together. We went swimming in the pool as it was our last night. 

I would like to thank my uncles for allowing us to take this trip with them. 

I am very grateful and blessed that when I now shut my eyes I can truly visualize and keep these memories with me forever |

May 5, 2017
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