Letting go is hard!

My number 1 question is “Why hold onto something you cannot change?”

I held onto so many things and they consumed my body. I held onto the smallest things such as my mom not buying me a birthday cake one year. So imagine all of things I held onto. I didn’t want to let go.

I felt if I kept holding onto them and using them as excuses they would make me feel better. But holding onto them only made me feel worse. I didn’t realize then. One day I did…

During a summer night something hit me. I felt sick. I just thought I was hot because of the weather. When I woke up that morning; I felt weak, dizzy, and tired. I just thought I was sick with something. But day after day I felt weaker and weaker. My body was flushing something out of me. I had a daily/nightly routine of waking up every 2 hours to use the bathroom and warm up the wash cloth I used as a heating pad. The second week of feeling weak I couldn’t get out of bed. The only way to clean myself was to take a bath. I did not have the energy to stand up. I didn’t even have the energy to wash my hair, my hair went almost 2 weeks of not being washed. My man had to run my bath water. I did not eat anything. I only drank water and that was here and there. When I tell you I had no energy I had no energy. I lost weight and weighed about 97 lbs at that time. I slowly got my energy back.

I was brought to Angela White. Angela is someone who was in a dark dark place;  then saw the light. I cannot speak for her. Please see her OWN About Me

  • In a near death experience i have realized many things. I have realized that we are so much more than what we are taught that we are. We have been given keys to the kingdom. It is your own soul. This life we live is about YOU for you. Everything that is here is for you to experience and release that which no longer serves you.
    I have learned that we are one. Love is what we are. I was directed to write a book by The Angels. It is called From Sick to Bliss to Conversations with God. It is a book that is to change the Planet. I hope you get to read it someday. Namaste

I REALLY Recommend reading her book. She sends peace and love! 

 I asked her to talk to me and she did. First thing she said to me was “Tell me about your family” and so I did. She and I talked for hours. We talked in her backyard with our feet in her pool and the sun shining down on us. I was crying and crying. Her dog Bella knew I was going through a tough time because she constantly came running over to kiss me. Angela gave me a message “I see a Rose and a Trashcan. The Rose is you and it is closed very tight. The Trashcan is for you to let go of everything and put it in the trashcan. When you start doing that; you/your rose will start to open.” That message has stuck with me every day. That is when I learned to let go. Angela showed me that I was worthy, that I love myself, and I am amazing. She told me to believe in myself. To look in the mirror every day and tell myself “I love you Alyssa. I am amazing. I believe in myself. I am worthy.”

I let go of being cheated on. I let go of my “friends” betraying me. I let go of all of negative energy.  When I did that I was able to love myself for who I was. I was able to see me for me. I was able to accept Alyssa with “flaws” and perfections.

“Why hold onto something you cannot change?” When you hold onto something you cannot change. You cannot move forward from it. You are constantly sitting in a bubble contaminated with negativity, hate, sadness, and depression. When you let go you pop your bubble and you are able to breathe again. You are seeing your journey in another perspective. In order to move forward you have let go. Seriously ask yourself; why am I holding onto this if I cannot change what has happened? It has happened there is nothing you can do to fix it. You cannot go back in time. ALL YOU CAN DO IS MOVE FORWARD FROM IT.  If you let go of it you can move forward and be on a more peaceful journey.  



May 5, 2017
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