Our Valentine’s Day

Hello loves, welcome back to my blog! I hope everyone enjoyed their l o v e day!   

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017 @5pm he picked me up from work and we headed to the hotel room he got for us. When I walked into the room my eyes lit up! Everything was placed perfectly.  

I did not even have my jacket off and Thomas wanted me to open my gifts. I was so excited I immediately opened them. 

After crying because of my card and thanking T with a kiss we changed and headed down to the pool with glasses of Rosé.



After swaying around in the pool we headed up stairs to shower and got ready for dinner. 

Even the bathroom was decorated!



OUTFIT DETAILS Top: GoJane.com Bottoms: Forever21 Shoes: Calvin Klein Bag: Kate Spade

We went to dinner at Bocado’s , one of my favorite places to eat. 


After talking & laughing over dinner & drinks we headed back to our hotel.

I then gave Thomas his gifts. 


“I love you with my 5 Senses” 

For his sense of S i g h t: Black Lingerie 

For his sense of T o u c h: Body Oil (hint hint)  

For his sense of S m e l l: Burberry Cologne 

For his sense of T a s t e: A mason jar filled with his favorite sour candies 

For his sense of S o u n d: PS4 Gaming Headphones 

Also, in the bag of his sense of Sight I added a game called Sexy Truth or Dare


This game was sooo much fun & spiced up our night! 

The lingerie set came with an eye mask which I L O V E D! 


Our love day then came to an end. 

| I would like to thank Thomas for putting his time, effort, creativity, and love into this special day. He made me feel like the only girl in the world. He spoiled me, like always! |


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