Push Through

As I have grown through many obstacles, losses, and downfalls I can honestly say not one thing has broken me completely.

I am not saying that when I was facing my hardships I did not feel broken, I did. I could not understand why things happened when they did. There are still times I do not understand. I always say “you may not know why it is happening, but down the line you will. you will understand this is a lesson and a blessing.”

When you are down and stuck you will get through it. KEEP A POSITIVE MINDSET. When you feel down it is very easy to have a negative mindset, trust me I know. Almost 90% of the time when something is unbalanced or not going the way I want it too I think negative and want to give up. 

BUT then I remind myself it is not happening right at this moment because it is not suppose to. The Universe is not ready for it yet. Do not give up. Keep pushing through because there is light at the end of every tunnel. What you set your mind too, you CAN accomplish. You WILL overcome it. 


May 5, 2017
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