The Meaning Behind My Blog Name

Do you ever wonder how people come up with their Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Blog names?

I always do and I thought why not share with all of you the meaning behind Roses & Champagne.


When I was thinking of a blog name I knew I wanted it to be chic and feminine. I knew I was going to be sharing self-loving and lifestyle posts.

I wanted the name to represent me but in a different way.

After a lot of thinking and contemplating I came up with Roses and Champagne.

Roses (rose) represents me due to a message I received when I was going through a dark path on my journey.

As I explained in my post “Letting go is hard!” I was speaking with a woman Angela. Angela gave me the following message

“I see a rose and a trashcan. The rose is you and it is closed very tight. The trashcan is for you to let go of everything and put it in the trashcan. When you start doing that; you/your rose will start to open.” 

That message stays with me daily and just makes me feel amazing knowing how much I have blossomed.

Also, another message the Universe provided me with is “Truth and Roses have thorns about them – Henry David Thoreau” 

The message was on a shirt that I saw shopping. I immediately thought wow that is deep. The crazy thing is I saw this message a little after receiving the message from Angela. Yes, roses now mean so much to me.

 Champagne I feel also represents me. Well… it’s my all-time favorite alcoholic drink. I feel it represents me because once you get to know me I have such a bubbly personality.

I started playing with the words champagne and rose. I loved the feminine vibe Roses and Champagne sounded so that is where we have come from.

Many of my family members ask why I address my readers as Blossoms. Here is the reason why.

Every day we grow into the people we are meant to be. We grow through everything we go through; the good and the bad.

I strongly believe we all grow at different rates. 

Therefore I love calling my readers Blossoms because we are all blossoming into who we are.

Pour yourself a glass of champagne and blossom with me.

January 9, 2018
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