Pretty Lingerie Makes It All Better

Valentine’s Day is next week & I am so excited. I have always loved February 14th, I am a hopeless romantic. 

Every year Thomas goes ABOVE & BEYOND to make me feel special. He does every day even when I am being a brat.

I feel like he knows that I am such a sucker for r o m a n c e he puts his heart into this day.

Honestly, look what he did last year (click here). This year I know what we’re doing and it’s pretty casual; stay tuned for that.

Valentine’s Day is all about love and looking sexy for your partner at the end of the night 😉 Ladies, you have asked where I purchase my lingerie and now I will tell all! Men, if you are here for gifting advice I will deliver! Please keep reading for my vday favorites and tricks to feeling sexy every day of the year!!

For me when it comes to lingerie I try my best not to go overboard with spending the money on something I know I am not going to wear 24/7.

You can have special pieces for certain occasions. Let’s start off with the luxury lingerie.

My favorite is Agent Provocateur, click here it brings you right to their Valentine’s Collection. You can find something for a date night or breakfast in bed.

Another place is Journelle, click here. I actually have never purchased anything from them. Their pieces are very casual with a little hint of spice 😉

The last high-end place is La Perla click here. Love love love their V Day Collection. Although it’s a very high-end store it does not hurt to look. When shopping from here a little trick is to check out the SALE Section.

As for the affordable places, you can check out places like Victoria Secret, Adore Me, Macy’s, Forever21, FasionNova, Amazon, Target, & even Walmart. Yes, Walmart. I have seen some really cute pieces in store and on the website.

If your really tight on money or don’t want to spend a lot of money you probably have items you have worn before, that you can spice up to look different. Here are some tricks. Look at your matching bra and panties set; you can get a garter belt, thigh high stockings, or a sexy bathrobe. The black robe above is from FashionNova (here).

I know many of you ladies out there have a few bralettes. Here is another tip. Find a sexy thong or boy shorts in a solid color that match the bralette, do your hair, put on a tiny bit of makeup, throw on some heels and you have a little outfit without spending too much money.

I hope you have a wonderful day well spent with your loved one(s).


February 8, 2018
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