Valentine’s Day

I hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day 🙂 I cannot believe the weather we have been getting. It makes me excited to know Spring is around the corner. I could really use warmer sunny days! 

It has been some time since I shared my day with you. Every time I went to take my phone out to capture my day, I’d put it away. I wanted to just live in the moment and not stress about getting the perfect lighting, the perfect angle, and the perfect edit. But I am back with a game plan and ready to attack it. I have a Boston Trip coming up and I cannot wait to share it with you and introduce you to someone new! 


Thomas & I celebrated V Day two day’s straight this year. Wednesday night we went to dinner. As I am writing I just laughed a little because we made reservations at 4 different restaurants. The Italian restaurant we craved was completely booked as we decided to wait the last minute (yes, our fault). We had no idea what type of food we wanted as Italian was out of the option. After calling all 4 places to reserve our table we decided to just go with our all-time favorite here in Worcester – Bocado Tapas Wine BarI have raved about this place before, BUT even better now as I realized their menu has options for people who do not eat meat.

We arrived a little early so they sat us at the bar to have a drink as we waited on the table. To start off the night we ordered a pitcher of the Mixed Berry Sangria. I think we took 2 sips and our table was ready, we didn’t wait too long. We sat at our table, looked over the menu, and started with the Bolas de Arroz Fritto. 

The next dish that came out was for T, Hamburgesas de Wagyu.

The dish after was Casamiento: sliced steak with rice, beans & vegetables, piquillo chimichurri sauce. I only ate the rice from the dish. I forgot to take a photo! The last two dishes were Berenjena a la Plancha: grilled Japanese eggplant, roasted sweet potato vinaigrette, crispy garlic and T’s Lobster Raviolis. HOWEVER, the Eggplant dish never made it to our table and they really tried to charge us for it.

After laughing so much at dinner we headed home. 

What I Wore to Dinner

The Jumpsuit is from Zara, I got this when they had the 70% off Sale. I looked on their website & I am not seeing it anymore. The Burgandy Pointed Toe Shoes are from GoJane and the Clutch is from OldNavy, both are very old and not available online.


On Thursday (day two) we both slept in as it’s his day off. We got ready and headed to Nu Cafe for breakfast. I don’t think I ever mentioned them before on the blog. Nu is located here in Worcester and they have food for everyone. I love this cafe. I got an everything bagel with vegan cream cheese and a blue monkey smoothie: blueberries, bananas, fresh apple juice, coconut milk & agave. T got an egg and cheese on an everything bagel with a coffee. 

What I Wore For The Day 

Outfit Details

Top: Zara, got it the same time as the jumpsuit. I cannot find it online.

Blazer: HM, very old! I actually saw this on Poshmark.

Jeans: HM, old as well lol. FashionNova has a lot of different styles here.

Booties: Forever21 here.


We arrived at Natick for the mall and the movies. 

Our first stop was Gucci. I really wanted a new wallet/card case. My current card case is from Target (years old) and needed to be replaced.

Thomas, I know your reading this post as you read all of mine. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! 

I then headed to Victoria Secret/Pink for a few things and I downloaded an app called PINK NATION. With this app I received 1 free pantie, $1.00 Face Mask, 1 free cup with a pizza flot (photo here) for the pool, and 1 free waterproof cell phone case. I was pretty happy 🙂 

Shopping was over and it was time for the movie, Fifty Shades Freed! T has taken me to see the three films around v day, it was something I waited for and it sucks that the 50 Shades are over 🙁

Once the movie ended we came home, changed into pj’s, and cuddled in bed watching tv.

Enjoy your long weekend if you have Monday off 😉

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