1st Day of Spring!

Spring is officially here! Although there’s talk about another snow storm, I cannot wait for the warmer weather. When thinking about Spring I get such an incredible feeling within. What I love most about Spring is how everything begins to blossom

Every living thing blossoms! Even you, yes you! If you have been going through some rough times (big or small) take a moment to breathe because now is your time. I know many of us had to let go of a few things these past couples of months. I’ve seen people let go of who they “were”. I’ve seen people letting go of people who no longer serve a purpose in their life. Whether that be a very close friend, girlfriend, or boyfriend. Stuff like this happens for you, not against you.

What I love most is my perspective & I hope this will help you. Winter was here and during its time here many things came. Stormy weather, power outages, floodings, and many more. Imagine what our grass was going through. During winter, grass simply goes into a deep sleep. The growth slows down and many things die. During spring, once the soil hardens you can begin to slowly wake up your grass. You then start to see seeds being planted and those plants bloom.

Imagine you were the grass. Your storms came, you shut down, & you were flooded with many different emotions. Because of this, you needed some time off from a lot of things to focus on you. Here we are now the first day of spring, you are slowly coming out of your space to embrace what is ahead. After learning what happened and understanding it you became stronger. Some of your seeds have already been planted & some need to be planted. I promise you, if you remain positive & happy you will blossom!


Your journey is your journey. Do not rush through any phase of it, enjoy all of it.

“Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.” 

Blossom with me,

March 20, 2018
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