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It’s been a long time since I sat down and just started writing. A lot has been going on in my life and I wanted to share with you, maybe some of you can relate.

Update on Me

Lately, I am dealing with something that I thought I wanted. I asked for something, spoke about it numerous times, and even wrote it down. The universe doesn’t speak English, its speaks frequency, therefore, I got exactly what I was feeling & putting out there. This has been a wake-up call for sure. I have learned so many life lessons in the last week. Not everything is rainbows and butterflies. Life can be going well for so long, then there is a curve in your journey, and you get lost. Be careful what you ask for!

Life Lessons I’ve Learned 

I’ve learned that no matter how hard things can get keep going! You are so much stronger than you think. I was in a thunderstorm & I could not see any sunshine. I was a MESS! I was crying, I was sick to my stomach, my chest was constantly tight. I was literally grabbing my skin & ready to pull my hair out. I was reading quotes back to back, looking for an answer. I didn’t clean my place, I wasn’t eating, all I had the energy for was laying down and crying. It has been tough, but I am now seeing the sunshine. You will make it through, I promise you. You have to focus your energy on the things that make you feel good. You can have your sad moments, but do not let them last too long. I did not mask my pain either, I wasn’t numbing it. I was feeling it. I could have easily had a glass of wine or a whole bottle who am I kidding. I wanted to face this pain head-on. I wanted to feel this and gosh I felt it! If you could have seen me, you would be like “who the heck is this girl?” My close friends kept telling me “this is not the Alyssa I know” for sure it was not. I was breaking out of something to become a better version of myself; a stronger me. So whatever you are going through remember it is to make you stronger. Hang on tight and keep fighting!

I also learned that “materials” & “things” do not define us. I always knew that and I don’t consider myself materialistic, but I know I have a lot of things. It is so easy to get lost in the latest trends, designer shoes & handbags. Those “things” do not make you happy. Honestly, that fills a void and space. When I was going through my thunderstorm all I wanted to do was declutter. Looking around my place I kept saying there is too much stuff in here. When I was reading all those quotes I came across this “For the longest time, I thought I needed to be more organized. Now I know I just needed less stuff.” I was in shock when I read that. After seeing that, I started decluttering and de-owning. If there is no meaning to it, it has to go. I have been selling on Facebook Marketplace. I recommend using this if you want to sell something, quick turnarounds.

Another life lesson learned is to surround yourself with people you truly love & who truly love you and want the best for you. This is very important. If you surround yourself with people who don’t have your best interest at heart, they will anchor you. They low-key love seeing you suffer. They will speak horribly about you, vibe on a bad frequency, and put that into the universe causing awful things for you. You will do the same to people if you do not truly care.

A big one that I’ve learned is peace. Peace as in the calm of the storm. I was the type of person that when something bad was going on  (big or small) I acted so high strung and got upset easily. I would destroy everything in my path especially with my words and once you say something you cannot take it back. BE YOUR OWN PEACE! Once you can relax and just learn to stay calm during situations, you will get through them so much smoother. I am grateful I learned this and able to recognize it, to fix this. I was not peaceful.

Going through this storm has made me face my truths and this is what life is all about. Facing your own sh*t, deprogramming yourself to become the BETTER version of you.

The last thing I learned is that family & true friends will always be there. I have been surrounded by love. I feel like I am always the one who is strong and always trying to keep everyone together. But strong people break too and it is okay. My mom (hi, mommy) has been there for me through this entire storm. Every time I was crying and needed to talk to her, she answered that phone. Her advice, so soothing. Her wisdom, amazing. Her strength, incredible. If I did not have her I wouldn’t be sleeping at night and that is a fact. My Grandmother, my siblings, cousins, and friends were just there for me even if it was for 5 mins it helped me. Thank you for being the shoulder to lean on.


To sum all of this up I would simply say KEEP GOING you will get to where you need to be. It is not easy, you will feel pain, you will hurt, but it is so rewarding in the end. I am not even at the end I still feel sad some days, but I see brighter days. We are strong!

I truly hope this can help at least one of my readers.

Keep blossoming with me


May 2, 2018
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