Getting Through

If you read my latest blog post here, you would know I am going through a hard time on my journey. I have to thank EVERYONE who has been reaching out to me with positive words. I truly appreciate it. As I stated I see good days and bad days.

This morning was a bad morning, but I am feeling a lot better. I wanted to share how I am getting through this. I honestly feel like I am not, but I am still here. One day I am like okay I am doing great, the next moment I am crying, the moment after I am angry going crazy, and right back to the beginning. This sh*t is hard, I am not going to be like oh hi everyone everything is great over here because it is not!

When waking up this morning I was sad & did not feel well. I knew I needed a day to myself, so I took a personal day from work. So I was home today. Everything happens for a reason because a very old friend just happened to be in Worcester. We made plans & she came over. I didn’t even let her in my place because of how messy it is. We sat outside in my driveway & talked under the sun with ice cold water. She gave me an update on her life and I gave her an update on mine. Her explaining what she is going through, me listening, and taking in what she was saying opened my eyes to another life lesson; communication! I hated communicating over the phone or in person. I am the text me kind of girl. BUT now I am learning that texting is not the same. When speaking on the phone or in person you learn to listen. You can get your point across a lot better. As my friend was talking I was giving advice to her, but what I was telling her is exactly what I needed to be telling myself. She was my mirror as I too her.

After she headed home I got to thinking. I am telling her and everyone else to get through, but how am I really getting through? I am getting through, but I feel like I am not moving ahead. I wrote down some notes and here they are…

Music has helped me a lot. Whatever your feeling there is a song for it. You can relate on another level. I listen to whatever is going to make me feel good. Some songs are sad, happy, even mad. I also listen to random music I wouldn’t usually listen too. 

I know I mentioned Family & Friends in my previous post, but talking to them as helped so much. Especially the older wise woman in my life. The advice I get from everyone I take and other stuff I don’t. I love being able to hear things from different people & different ages.

The one thing everyone keeps telling me is to work on myself. Today right after I finished this post I focused my energy back on ME. I am important, I am worthy, I deserve happiness. I have to get back into life (as my Grammy says) AND I AM! I straightened up my house. I actually started eating again because my body was craving energy. I felt my body shaking as I was not putting much into it. ME NOT EATING, THAT STOPPED. I love myself enough & I need to take care of me.

If I start to feel sad, I’ll come here to my blog, to my journal, or read a book to let out my sadness in a healthy way. If I get angry I need to go for a walk or run, something positive. When I am feeling happy I need to EMBRACE that. If I need to dance around my place I am going too.


So that is how I am going to be getting through. If you have suggestions please let me know all is welcomed. Leave a comment down below, email me, or dm!

Keep blossoming with me,


May 3, 2018
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