Unable to Board My Flight + My Dream Tattoo

I want to thank everyone for the amazing feedback on my last post. It really means a lot to me. I wish you could feel the feeling I get reading your comments. It’s truly amazing and you keep me wanting to do more. 


I should have landed back in Boston Monday @11am, but nope the Universe had other plans.

We arrived at the airport @7am, but apparently, we needed to be there at 5 am, we woke up at 5 am to pack, and had fallen asleep around 2 am. So yes we were exhausted.

Because we were not there they did not let us board the plane. Instead, we both had to pay an extra $144 for new tickets and carry on luggage.

I know everything happens for a reason and we figured out why. Long story short my cousin was in a really bad accident last week and is dealing with some issues. We met this man and she spoke to him for a few hours and gave her all of the advice she needed.

We were at the airport for 8 hours. Thankfully, I had my laptop with me and could work remotely.

The entire day at the airport was so miserable, but I tried my best to not let it get to me too much.

Now that I am back HOME, hugged my cats, gave them extra treats, let’s take it back to Friday when I landed in Florida.


I went on a mini vacation with my cousin Mikkie. We stayed at the Sheraton Vistana Villages Resort Villa. Our “room” was an apartment, I loved it. The resort is beautiful.

We had 3 different pools to choose from, one was open till 1 am. There’s a mini marketplace that also served Starbucks (only hot drinks).

Here are a few photos from our room

After we checked in, unpacked, we went to Walmart to get a few groceries. We think our Walmarts are hectic, this Walmart was so busy!

What was really cool is that they had their own little liquor store attached. So, of course, we bought some wine. We all know I love my wine haha.

We headed back to the resort and Mikkie cooked a quick dinner as we were heading out for the night.

White Rice | Cauliflower | Corn & Chickpeas – Small meal, but healthy filling and tasty

After we ate it was time to get ready for the night.

Mikkie’s Outfit Details Jeans: H&M Boyfriend Denim | Top: Gifted | Shoes: Charlotte Russe My Outfit Details: Top: Forever21 | Pants: Totally forgot | Shoes: Sam Edelman

We went to a Hookah Lounge called Bookah. You know I am 100% honest with you, I do not recommend this place at all. I feel there may be good nights, but the two times I went I did not enjoy it. It bothers me because the staff is great, they serve food. I guess for me it was more the music. I love spanish music even though I can’t understand it, but to play it all night is draining. As a DJ you have to switch it up. Plus I do not smoke hookah. As we were just over this spot we went back to the hotel. Mikkie enjoyed her jacuzzi and I slept, I swear all I did was lay down this entire trip. I am getting so old haha.


Morning approached I made us smoothies and avocado toast. While we enjoyed breakfast I was searching things in Orlando and came across a tattoo artist.  I fell in love with his art. It was the exact art I have been looking for. I messaged him and scheduled an appointment that same day, thankfully he had an opening. Mikkie, of course, threw down in the kitchen again with a quick healthy filling lunch. She made us a salad.

Mixed Springs | Corn | Chickpeas | Avocado | & Gardein Crispy Chicken

I headed off to the Tattoo shop while everyone else went shopping. I went to War Kings Tattoo and the artist is John. Seriously, check out his work on Instagram.

I am in love with my tattoo it is exactly how I saw it. It looks so real and it is just perfect.

As mentioned on my social media there is a very special meaning behind this, but after thinking about it I truly do not want to share with everyone on how special butterflies are to me. I am going to keep that tucked away. Just know it has something to do with my Dad. That is just a topic I share, but I keep very close to my heart.

After my tattoo appointment, I went out to eat. I totally forgot what location I was in.

I had dinner at Yard House.  

Yard House has so much to choose from (food and drink). It took me forever to determine what drink I wanted which is crazy.

But seriously look at this menu, that section that reads Gardein that’s all VEGAN! I was legit shook and in my glory. I’ve never had a non-vegan restaurant offer so much Vegan food.

I went with the Sunkissed Sangria (ecco domani pinot grigio, absolut lime vodka, bacardi superior rum, citrus agave, peach purée, orange, pomegranate seeds, strawberries). I ordered 3 of these but only had 2. Once I took a sip of that 3rd the first two kicked in. The person I was out to eat with finished it for me.

After dinner, I headed back to the hotel. I was supposed to start getting ready, but you know the Universe had other plans (keep that to myself) lol.

However, Mikkie was low-key upset I wasn’t ready to go out so I jumped outta bed and got ready. We ended up at Bookah. As I was annoyed of being there again, we ended up at Midnight Lounge (closes @5am btw). The DJ was amazinggggg! He played every genre. If you know me, you know I will dance anywhere and sure enough, I danced and sang as if no one was watching. We got back to the hotel around 4am and guess what I did, knocked out. What did Mikkie do? Enjoyed the jacuzzi; I cannot believe I missed out on that twice lol.


The weekend came and gone, Sunday was our last day in Florida. We rested a bit in the morning and then went to the grocery store to pick up food for Sunday Dinner. I didn’t take any photos of the food only a video which was uploaded on my IG & Snap Story. Before we cooked it was game time, Patriots were playing so we headed down to the hot tub with a drink and watched the game.

How amazing does Mikkie look! & her once piece is sooo dope


Thank you, Orlando for a wonderful mini-vacation. Thank you for allowing me to meet such amazing new friends even tho they all call me “mom” (inside joke), I love it tho!

Another place to check off my list of places to visit. Just a random fact about me. I love take off. I love that feeling of the plane speeding up, making a loud noise, and then all of a sudden you’re in the air.

My next post will be about the Universe if you’re interested in learning a little something keep your eye out.

As always, keep blossoming with me,


December 19, 2018
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