I fucked up.

Hey Blossoms! As you can tell by the title I fucked up. Most of you all know the past 365, 368 days to be exact have been an absolute roller-coaster of events and emotions. I have not been true to myself therefore not true to all of you. You may be wondering what I mean by that and, well, here it is…

I am broken and I’ve been broken never did I heal.

I have continuously numbed all my pains and put on a facade. I have done many toxic things, caused my own toxic behaviors and choices. However, I did grow and blossom in many areas of my life, but many areas still need a lot of tender, love, and care, especially tough love.

I was in the process of building solid foundations and with one dumb decision; everything came crashing down. It is now time to clean up my mess. As my best-friends, 3 yr old would say make a green choice. A green choice is a smart positive decision.

I looked at my followers and I currently have over 1,000 and I know at the very least one of you probably many more have made a bad choice, did something they regret, and didn’t know how to fix it. I know one of you made a bad choice and knew how to fix it. So I am reaching out to all my Blossoms who have had a rough time but figured out a healthy way to mend their broken heart, undo a wrong, heal open wounds and pains.

I am looking for you to teach me the right path and so I can, in turn, pass your knowledge onto other struggling in pain Blossoms. Women are always bashing each other, hating on each other, let’s start supporting and uplifting each other through hard times. That way we can all blossom and shine.

If you have advice for what works for you, that helped you send me a message that way I can spread it to the other beautiful blossoms.

As always keep blossoming with me,

April 27, 2019
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