Mercury Retrograde July 2019

Hey Blossoms, welcome back! I am really excited to be writing right now.

First, I want to wish all the Cancer’s a Happy Birthday! It’s Cancer Season and I am a Cancer (as many of you know), so I get to really embrace this as much as you.

Mercury is currently in retrograde and for those who do not know what retrograde means here is the definition:

directed or moving backward.

So basically Mercury is moving backward. Mercury is the planet of communication, therefore, the way things interact with each other is going to go through a few ups and downs. That is why when Mercury is in retrograde we are advised to make sure our phones are backed up/updated and that we do not sign important documents without fully knowing everything or make final decisions on important matters.

As it is Cancer Season and the element for Cancer is water things can feel very emotional and vulnerable. Water is charming, refreshing and mysterious just like the ocean. You may be currently feeling like this. You can feel something is coming your way that has a refreshing touch to it, but because you do not know exactly what it is it feels mysterious and confusing.

Think of the ocean for me. You’re standing at the shoreline and the view is so charming. The splashes on your feet are so refreshing with the breeze, looking out the horizon has a certain charm but is mysterious. What is out there? Are the boats coming this way? What fish are swimming around and where are all the beautiful seashells?

This is what is happening right now in the cosmos. We are being called to sit still take in the refreshing, charming and yet mysterious outcomes. Water is also private, sensitive and emotional. That is why almost everyone on the planet is feeling very emotional and sensitive. Again, as we’re being called to sit still we feel the urge to become very private with certain areas in our lives. We need to sit still and look at everything in our lives and determine what needs to go and what needs to stay.

We are advised to not make any emotional decisions during this retrograde. Mercury went retrograde on July 7th and it ends on July 31st, so basically the entire month. However, we always need to give Mercury a 10 day grace period to allow it to stabilize.

Cancer is the Fourth House in the Zodiac meaning it rules everything to do with your sense of home, environment, family life (ancestry; including parents and grandparents). You may even be dealing with living situations and family issues from the past. We dig into the past in order to discover the roots of our being. We do this to step fully into our true selves.

I do not claim myself as an Astrologer; I am given spiritual messages and I share them with all of you. I always inform you to only take was resonates with you and what does not resonate with you is NOT for you, so let it be.

I know at this time emotions are heavy and driving everyone crazy lol, but I promise you it will all make sense. Just sit still a little bit, rest and allow things to come in and go out just like the ocean. Do not settle for anything during this time.

I am truly sorry to my true readers; the ones who have supported me since the beginning and who continue to push me to write. I pop in and pop out all the time with my blog. However, I am going to give you all an update on whats been going on in my life. The last time I gave a life update was back in May 2018….. ummm way overdue. I will be back!

In the meantime, as always keep blossoming with me.

July 9, 2019
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