If you follow me on snapchat, you probably recently saw I took a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada.

I’ve always wanted to travel somewhere to experience something new. I traveled with Thomas, his brother Viktor, and Viktor’s girlfriend Katie. 

I’ve always wanted to go on a plane, seeing as I never been on a plane. Can I just tell you how amazing it was?

T had the window seats, but the amazing person he is he let me have the window seats for every flight. I could not believe how beautiful it was up there. I was in awe!

It was awesome getting to experience the airports, the take offs, and the landings. I was nervous about flying, but it was something that I wanted to experience so I just went with the flow. We flew over a lot of beautiful places. We flew over New York! I saw the Statue of Liberty.


We arrived in Las Vegas on Saturday, May 28th, 2016. We checked into our first hotel Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel. This hotel was nice, after checking in and settling into the room Viktor showed us around. We went into many different hotels and saw the uniqueness of them all. Every hotel had a casino inside. 

Bellagio Hotel  

BELLAGIO’S ARCADIA: each season the theme is changed. This season is summer and the theme name is Under the Sea.  

Welcome to Jean-Phillipe Patisserie. The focal point (women in the dress) her dress is made out of cake!

The chocolate fountain is ceiling to floor dripping. Such a beautiful creation!

Caesars Palace

This is an indoor shopping plaza at Caesars. The ceiling is incredible. It is painted as if you are outside.

After viewing the different hotels we went back to our hotel to get ready for the night.

We had our first event at Hakkasan Night Club. DJ Tiesto was performing there.

WHAT AN AWESOME NIGHT! This event was amazing! The crowd was so much fun. Everyone was dancing, enjoying themselves. A Confetti Cannon was spraying from the ceiling covering all dance floors. I even got some in my champagne glass.  

This night club was amazing the setup was dope. There was a lower level which played Hip Hop music. The upper level played House/Trance music. The upper level is where Tiesto was performing.  Katie and I danced on table tops! Let’s just say our first night in Vegas was a success!! 

This photo was taken after the event, as you can tell lol.

My handsome, all dressed up!

On Saturday, May 28th, 2016 we woke up packed our luggage, went down stairs and ate breakfast, Bally’s had a $15.99 buffet. My plate had French Toast and Pineapple (I sprinkled cinnamon on top, thank me later), I also had a Mimosa. Then we headed out to check into our second hotel.  

We arrived to our Second Hotel: The Cosmopolitan 

Looking through my photos I actually did not get a lot of pictures of our hotel. My favorite place of the hotel was the, The Chandelier Bar. This bar has a beaded curtain of light, shown below.  

This was the view from our hotel room, how beautiful?! Our room was on the 54th floor.

After checking into our room at the Cosmo, we had our second event: Kid Ink at Tao Beach Club.

THIS EVENT WAS SO LIVE AND FUN. It was a pool party event. As soon as we arrived we purchased our VIP Table, which had the best table service.  The crowd and the environment was amazing. EVERYONE there had a great time. It was the best pool party event I have ever been too. The music played here was more of a Hip Hop Vibe. A lot of dancing took place, a lot of laughs, and very tasty drinks.

Swimsuit: Sammy Dress | Bottom Wrap: Hand-me-Down Scarf from my aunt | Shoes: Target | Sunglasses: Cole Haan (TJMaxx)

I wore shorts (from Marshall’s) as I traveled to and from Tao Beach. I used the scarf as a cover up and when I arrived to Tao Beach I used the scarf as the bottom cover up. 

After leaving Tao Beach we went back to our hotel.

We went down to the pool which was on the 14th floor.  It was very relaxing, not packed, and the sun was right on us. The pool furniture was purple and the pool also had lay out chairs in the water. 

After laying out by the pool we got ready for a casual dinner.

Lace Dress: H&M ($7) | Belt: This came with a pair of shorts I got from WetSeal  Shoes: GoJane

We went to China Poblano, which is located in the Cosmo. This restaurant brings Mexico & China together. The food was amazing. 

Pollo a la Parilla: grilled chicken | guacamole | green onions ($5) These tacos were so spicy my lips were on fire, but amazingly tasty.

After we were nice and full, we headed down to the casino to the black jack table. We had an early night.

The morning of Monday, May 30th, 2016 (Memorial Day) was our third event: David Guetta at Encore Beach Club.

Before we headed to Encore, we had breakfast at The Henry in our hotel. The food was delicious. 

We arrived to Encore, the hotel was beautiful. The decor/theme was butterflies. I am in love with butterflies.

The line to enter the pool party was so long, SO MANY PEOPLE. As soon as we entered into the event we did a quick walk around the pool. We were looking for a table, but all the tables were reserved. THAT’S HOW MANY PEOPLE WERE THERE.

Viktor purchased a locker ($75 for the day) to put our things inside. After we were all settled we began enjoying the party. I had the drink “Long Island” so yummy. We danced so much!  T & I were dancing basically the entire time. It was fun while it lasted, we were kicked out, lol. Lets save that for another time!

Swimsuit: Forever 21

After we had to leave Encore, we headed back to the hotel.

Thomas & I showered and went for dinner.

We went to Beer Park, right across from our hotel. Beer Park, is the strips first rooftop bar & grill. THIS PLACE WAS AMAZING, as well. We came here to eat and Game 7 was on (GSW vs OKC)! Everyone was glued to this game. How could you not be when they had TV’s all over this place. The environment at this place was just incredible. They also had a beer pong table setup. If you’re a sports fan and you’re in Vegas you have to check this place out!

Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Tomato, Lettuce, Guacamole, Waffle Fries.

When the game ended and we were nice and full we crossed back over to the street to watch the Bellagio Fountain. This was beautiful. The water would perform, basically dance to the music that was playing and light up.

Thomas & I went back to our hotel and we were debating if we wanted to go out or not seeing as we had our flight in the morning and needed to catch a cab @6am. We decided to keep it a low key night and hang out together. 

As I reflect back on my first traveling experience overall it was an awesome experience. There were so many firsts for me. For the first time in my life I got to fly, see and touch palm trees, and got to experience Vegas all in one trip. To be honest I did not see myself traveling any time soon. The fact that I was able to do so I am blessed and grateful for this! 


May 5, 2017
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